Below I have included links to websites and other publications that I have written articles for. This is a comprehensive but not complete assortment of my work. For a more complete list of my work, please visit my LinkedIn profile.



  • I post articles, short stories, and think pieces to my Medium account.



  • In June 2017, I moved to NYC to pursue an internship with Kotaku. While working with Kotaku I published over 50 pieces and produced about 5 videos, a few of which reached over 100,000 people on Facebook. I’ve posted a few of my pieces below. Check out my LinkedIn or my Kinja profile for my full list of published work!

Teenager’s Charity Brings VR To Sick Kids And The Elderly

Competitive Fidget Spinner Game Blows Up On YouTube

Night In The Woods Treats Depression Like A Part Of Life

Real-Life Baby Terrifies Outlast 2 Player And Becomes Most-Watched Twitch Clip Of All Time

  • Over 150K views

 Best Dad Ever Builds Functioning D.Va Mech For Cosplaying Daughter

  • Over 125K views

Wii U Game Doesn’t Look Like Much, But Represents One Developer’s Dreams


Science and Memory

  • This is the blog associated with the University of Oregon’s Science and Memory project. I wrote stories related to climate change and life in Cordova, Alaska. I also posted many of my photos here.

A Close But Unforgettable Encounter

A Survival Story

Into the Face of Fear Itself


Art Ducko, University of Oregon comic’s magazine

  • I am the former treasurer of Art Ducko. I have written pieces reviewing certain comics, written opinion pieces about comics and cartoon culture, as well as written about my own experiences writing comics.

The End of A Beginning, the Start of a New Era

Never Professional: the Life of an Amateur Cartoon Artist

The Intriguing Elements of FAKE

Yuri on Ice and Homophobia in the Anime Fandom

Is it really queerbaiting? 


Alternative Transportation

  • This website includes links to my earlier pieces focusing on alternative transportation.

Liberation Through Biking


I also, on a regular basis, work on other creative fiction projects. Click here to check them out.