Want To See My Other Projects?

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Hello all!

Been a while since I have last posted.

I have been in a transitional period as I have 1) recently moved and 2) have taken on a full time job outside of my field. For the past winter, I’ve been working on average over 45 hours a week. I have definitely been busy!

(I also got Skyrim on the Switch, which has been a welcome distraction from the daily grind.)

As I mentioned, I am currently not working in journalism, although I am planning on writing more in the future and contributing to different publications.

While not at work, writing other things, and vegging out at home, I’m actually working on other projects. If you follow me from my short time interning at Kotaku, you’ll know that I mentioned I was working on a video game. I am happy to report that I am still in the process of making said video game! It’s just coming along slowly.

If you want to follow my progress on said game, you can click here. 


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