Here are a list of videos I produced when I was working as a reporter at Kotaku.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

This is another Spotlight piece on this cool open-world exploration game where you can tame monsters. I shot the footage, wrote the script, and edited the piece together. It reached over 110,000 views.

Unsung Story: A Big Kickstarter Failure

This video is based on an article originally written by Jason Schreier. It focuses on one of the biggest Kickstarter failures in history. Using the original article as a source, I wrote the script and edited the video together.

GameStop Will Be Open On Thanksgiving 2017

This is a video about GameStop’s new Thanksgiving hours. I helped write the script as well as edited the footage together. This is one of my videos that reached over 100,000 views.

Spotlight: Battle Simulator

This is a short spotlight on a game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. I shot the footage for this piece and edited it together, as well as helped write the script.

This Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For $30,000

This is a piece about a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. selling for over $30,000. I edited the footage together.


In my Advanced TV News class, I produced three thirty minute newscasts, as well as 5 minute webcasts.

Below is my best example: this is a thirty minute show on media literacy. I managed a team of about fifteen students.

Here are other newscasts and webcasts that I have produced while working with Oregon News.