Note: This page focuses specifically on my work as a reporter and consists mostly of school projects. To see my work as a producer, please click here.

I have experience working with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe programs. Through my coursework, I have developed experience working with both DSLRs and Panasonic HMC 40s, as well as audio and lighting equipment. I have also created rudimentary animations and animatics!

You can check out my Youtube channel by clicking here.

Below is a playlist of all of the news packages I’ve produced, as well as my resume reel.


This is a music video I produced for my J331 class. I used a Panasonic HMC 40 and edited the footage in FCP X. I drew the storyboards and wrote the script, as well as shot and edited the video by myself.

With a team of three other people, I produced this documentary on a local, authentic Italian restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. I did some shooting, but mostly interviewed others and helped with the sound editing.

This is a class project I produced in my sophomore year. It focuses on the hobby of a classmate. I filmed the piece and edited the footage using FCP X.

This is an audio slideshow project that I produced in one of my introductory journalism classes. I took the photos, edited the sound, and assembled the slideshow in FCP X.