When I’m not working in the field of journalism, I’m often spending what little free time I have writing and producing creative projects.


Creative Fiction

  • The above link will take you to my Wattpad account, where you can read fiction stories I have written. You can also read some of my fiction on Medium.


  • This weekly video series focuses on newly released indie games.

Cross X Comix

  • Since I was little, I have always loved comics. As I grew older, I started to write and draw my own comics and graphic novels. I’m entirely self taught, thus my art is amateurish in appearance. However, it brings me a lot of joy to work on these comics.
    • I just published my first volume of Star Guardians, which you can grab here on Amazon either in print or as an ebook.


  • This is the title of an RPG that I’m working on. You can check out the first demo/alpha on itch.io here.